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Verestro architecture and choice of products

Below simplified example of Verestro platform architecture. Before every project please decide which functionalities are you going to use. 


Please tick bullet points which are needed in your project and deliver it to our sales team:

  • White-label app
  • White-label web
  • SDKs - android and iOS, to minimise PCI issues
  • APIs
  • CORE
  • eKYC - are you going to register consumers? do you have own KYC solution or want to use ours? 
  • eKYB - are you going to register business customers? do you have own KYB solution or want to use ours?
  • Data Core (any user data will be delivered to Verestro) - almost always needed
  • Balance
  • Card - do you want to use our issuing processing capabilities or you have another issuing processor
  • Transaction History
  • IBAN for receiving
  • Receive to card
  • eCommerce gateway - do you want to use our acquirer or you have another acquirer? which ways of payments?
  • Other partner assets - do you want to reload cards with points, digital assets etc.
  • Payout to Card - sending money to any VISA or Mastercard card?
  • SEPA transfers
  • Internal transfers between our accounts
  • QR payments
  • Other ways of sending money?
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Own wallet
  • eCommerce payments
  • inApp payments
  • Payments from own wallet
  • ATM
  • Point-based loyalty
  • Fee management
  • Donations
  • Cash back
  • Vouchers
  • Carbon Calculator
  • Invoice management
  • User groups

We are constantly adding new value added functionalities. Check if we have not added something new in the meantime :) Contact us.