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Access Control

Special benefits for your customers to boost your bussines.

Administration Panel

Administration Panel enables various customer service and reporting actions. It is a central point to get information about user, his or her payment transactions, project performance etc.

Business Control

Expense management and card issuing platform enabling virtual card management.

Carbon Calculator

Carbon Calculator enables users to calculate and track the carbon footprint of their financial transactions, promoting sustainability and informed decision-making.

Card Management System

Verestro CMS is responsible for card issuing and account opening. The system can perform KYC and eKYC of the user before card issuing. You can manage card and user balance through CMS.

Connecting to our services

Here you can read how to connect your backend or mobile application to our sandbox, beta and production environments.


Verestro terminology and abbreviations.

Donate Widget

One time payments e-commerce donations.

Fee Management System

Effortlessly manage customer pricings with our intuitive product. Whether you want to charge for specific events or generate comprehensive reports for each billing period, our solution streamlines the process, ensuring a seamless and transparent experience for both you and your customers.

IBAN Management

Verestro IBAN Management Service was created for Customers who want to provide their endusers the possibility to top up or charge their balances and ordering or receiving money transfer by bank account number.


General intro to Verestro platform. Start here.

Know Your Business (KYB)

KYB (Know Your Business) process is a quick and easy way to identify and verify business clients. Automatic registration process ensures that all the information and documents provided by the clients go through AML verification.

Loyalty Platform

Verestro loyalty platform, which offers various integration possibilities and functionalities.

Money Transfers

Send money to cards and accounts. P2P, P2B, Card2Card, Payouts and more.

Pay By Account

Technology which allows contactless, in-store or online payments directly from bank account using banking or third-part app.


Send money from account to Mastercard and Visa cards.


A solution based on the Web Checkout product but extended by various payment methods such as Google Pay™, Apple Pay or Blik. The whole solution is based on the two integration models: payment using the Paytool frontend application or via a direct server to server connection. Our solution frees you from the need to integrate with acquiring institutions and banks. The payment process and threeDs authentication are performed on the Verestro side.

QR Payments

Show and scan QR. Use as merchant or consumer.