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­­­­­­Business Control

Issue virtual cards for employees and businesses. Manage invoices and expenses.

­­Digital First

Mastercard Digital First program consists of multiply components offered by Verestro. We can provide white label application or SDKs for banks and fintechs. Inside those interfaces you will be able to launch user registration, eKYC, card issuing and management...

­­­­­­­­Card Issuing

Issue virtual and plastic cards. Manage balance and card limits. Please make sure you register used through lifecycle SDK or API and perform KYC before card issuing. Use administration panel for user management.

​​​Card Benefits

Loyalty platform and Value Added Services. Mastercard Rewards. Pay with Rewards. Priceless API and more.

­­­­­­­­Tokens & NFC

If you are interested in implementation of Apple Pay, Google Pay or other X-Pays please check Token Management Platform. In case you would like to launch contactless payments in your own mobile app or our white label application please check Token Requestor do...

­­­­­Money Transfers

Card-to-card, Payouts, Moneysend, MC Send, Visa Direct, SEPA transfers, SWIFT and more.

­­­­­­­Online Payments

Accept payments in internet and mobile. Donate Widget. Payment gateway.

­­­QR Payments

Show and scan QR. Register as merchant and user. Enable card acceptance immediately.

­White Label Application

Customizable mobile application iOS and Android with all fintech functionalities.

­­­­­­­­­­Getting Started

Please read to understand Verestro platform components and interactions between them.


­­­­­­­­­Knowledge Center

Here you can find FAQ and more information about payments and our products

card issuing

Cloud Banking Platform

Verestro in-house built BAAS and Cloud Banking Platform provides end-to-end processes that enable building end-to-end of digital banking experiences. General ledger, IBAN management, Card issuing, Money Transfers, Benefits, together with white-label interfaces...

Banking as a Service

User Lifecycle & Card Management API & SDK

User registration and lifecycle management. Server-2-server integration. Mobile DC SDK


Token Requestor

NFC Issuer Wallet with Mobile SDK. Mastercard MCBP 2.1 SDK and Visa VTS SDK. Due to the rename UCP and VCP are used interchangeably.

Money Transfers

Send money to cards and accounts. P2P, P2B, Card2Card, Payouts and more.


Verestro terminology and abbreviations.

Card Management System

Verestro CMS is responsible for card issuing and account opening. The system can perform KYC and eKYC of the user before card issuing. You can manage card and user balance through CMS.

Loyalty Platform

Verestro loyalty platform, which offers various integration possibilities and functionalities.

Business Control

Expense management and card issuing platform enabling virtual card management.

White Label Application

Customizable mobile application enabling multiple fintech use-cases.

Administration Panel

Administration Panel enables various customer service and reporting actions. It is a central point to get information about user, his or her payment transactions, project performance etc.

Token Management Platform

Integrate MDES, VTS, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other X-pays. Issue and manage card tokens.

QR Payments

Show and scan QR. Use as merchant or consumer.


General intro to Verestro platform. Start here.

Donate Widget

One time payments e-commerce donations.

Token Payment Service

Token Payment Service is a functionality that allows Customer to order the one-time payment transactions with card payment token obtained from Google Pay™ or another tokenization platform incl. Card on File

Transaction History API

Verestro Transaction History Core API for external clients.


A solution based on the Web Checkout product but extended by various payment methods such as Google Pay™, Apple Pay or Blik. The whole solution is based on the two integration models: payment using the Paytool frontend application or via a direct server to ser...

Pay By Account

Technology which allows contactless, in-store or online payments directly from bank account using banking or third-part app.

Carbon Calculator

Carbon Calculator enables users to calculate and track the carbon footprint of their financial transactions, promoting sustainability and informed decision-making.

Payouts to cards

Send money from account to Mastercard and Visa cards and various bank account numbers.

SmartCity White Label Platform

Card Issuing

​Knowledge Center

How does card issuing work? Check here.

Payouts to Cards & Money Transfers

​Knowledge Center

Here you can find information about money transfers to Mastercard and VISA cards.

Tokenization & Contactless

​Knowledge Center

More knowledge on ApplePay, GooglePay, HCE and other ways of NFC and eCommerce payment using tokenization (MDES and VTS)

Verestro's Products Overview

​Knowledge Center

In this chapter we will present the CEO's view on our products and solutions.

eCommerce Payment Gateway

​Knowledge Center

More information about eCommerce payments, transaction processing, 3DS etc.



Abbeviations Descriptions API Application Programming Interface CDCVM Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method CVM Cardholder Verification Method FCM Firebase Cloud Messaging HCE Host Card Emulation HVT High Value Transaction IBAN Bank...



Name Description Customer Institution which is using Verestro products. This institution decides which SDK should be used and how transaction should be processed. Basicly Customer can be called Verestro client. User User which is using...

Technical Documentation API

Money Transfers

Money Transfer Hub provides possibility to process Person-2-Person and Person-2-Merchant transactions in various forms. Please check details in the below documentation. This documentation contains the methods for mobile-server integration. The methods include...

Not Bad Content

Use cases

Money Transfers

This section describes a detailed description of the processes provided in the solution and the appearance of the application from the end user point of view. Wallet Server MDC API This section describes use cases which can be initiated using Wallet Server M...


Money Transfers

This section provides general information about the solution, terminology description and a high-level description of the business and technical of the Money Transfer Hub. Abbreviations Abbreviations used in the document: Abbreviations Description ACQ Ac...

Intro Slides

Money Transfers

Money Transfer Money transfers enable users to initiate domestic and international transfers. The platform has several available configurations: sending and receiving funds, payments from and to cards, transactions from and to stored value account (SVA), ACH ...

Intro slides

Card Management System

Arichitecture SDK / API implementation


Card Management System

Verestro Card Management System is called ANTACA. The platform provides solutions for creating and managing users' accounts (called "balances"), processing eKYC (user authentication process) and issuing payment cards generated for them.  CMS Antaca provides d...

Intro slides

White Label Application

A short presentation on White Label Application called internally Puran. Whitelabel - explanation Verestro Whitelabel Application is intended to be a product that provides comprehensive functionality for the mobile enduser. The available range of functionali...

Intro slides

Business Control

Business control Business Control is an advanced technologically business solution for growing needs of modern companies. This product allows employers to create and deliver instantly a temporary business Mastercard card to employees. Virtual card in mobile a...

Intro slides

Administration Panel


Administration Panel

The Administration Panel is the essential tool for our Partners to work with your Verestro services. The main purpose of Admin Portal is to provide a web-based environment with the ability to manage customer service actions. The presented solution is prepared ...


Business Control

The Business Control platform by Verestro enables digital card issuing and expense management for modern companies. By adapting to the changing needs of the current small, medium companies and big corporations and business customers digital, Business Controls ...


White Label Application

Puran is intended to be a product that provides comprehensive functionality for the mobile end user. The available range of functionality is wide and can be freely modified according to product requirements (for example, a given customer does not want NFC but ...

Web portal for companies

Business Control

Login procedure First login - activation Operators can be added only from the panel. It is not possible to register in the system without an invitation. Basic administrators accounts that can be used to create a user hierarchy are provided with the panel ins...

Design and prototype

White Label Application

Discover our Whitelabel app, offering two outstanding design options for your application. Choose from a classic design, known for its established market presence, or a modern design that follows the latest UX trends in mobile apps. Enhance your brand with a d...

Intro slides

Token Requestor

Card Tokenization MDES and VTS integration as token requestor. Issuer wallet or SDK integrated into mobile banking application. Available on all Android phones and all countries (including Huawei). Enables mobile contactless transactions using NFC interface. ...


Token Requestor

Verestro Cloud Payments is a solution developed to facilitate adopting cloud-based payments for the Customers. VCP provides functionalities for User identification and verification, Payment Instruments digitization and User data management. Cloud payments enab...

Use Cases

Token Requestor

Version 2.1 March 2023 This section is dedicated for use cases which can be done by different API and initiated from different sources. Wallet Server LC API Initiated This section describes use cases which can be initiated using Wallet Server LC API. This A...

Technical Documentation

Overview This chapter provides the instruction of the integration with the solution and with it's methods. Prior to using this solution the Merchant have to proceed onboarding process. To create account please contact with support. The PayTool solution provid...