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Tokenization and Contactless Payments - Verestro's competitive advantages

The most important reason why you should use the Verestro Tokenization and Contactless Payment Solutions 

There are many reasons why to use Tokenization and Contactless Payment solutions provided by Verestro but one of them is definitely the most important. We can give you access to ALL ways of NFC and contactless payments through a single platform and one vendor. There are multiple partners you will have to integrate with and certify. Some processors will enable the majority of them but very few will give you access to all. Some IT companies will tell you that they can do everything and connect to everyone but it is also not true. It takes time and money to get new integrations and certifications. 

Examples of questions that you can ask your vendors

  • Imagine that 10% of your users are using Huawei phones. Are you ready to provide contactless payments to their phones now?
  • What if many of your users have cheap Android phones? Will your solution work on this? How many MB are used by your system (in our case below 4MB)?
  • What if you are issuing cards in multiple markets? Is your current solution ready globally?
  • What if you are planning to tokenize bank accounts (not cards but bank accounts) - is your platform ready for this? 

Verestro's solutions

At Verestro we solve this problem by certifying and standardising integration with all possible ways of payments. We are delivering our tokenization and NFC cloud payment platform globally to multiple bank and payment institutions. Current list of certified solutions is:

  • phones: Apple, Huawei, Pixel, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Xiaomi etc.
  • operating systems: iOS, Android
  • X-pays: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, your own wallet, your own X-Pay
  • payment schemes: VISA, Mastercard, Pay-by-Account, Local scheme
  • countries: global, possibility of local data hosting or transaction processing

Business benefits

Additional business benefits that make us unique are:

  • possibility of registering individual card visuals
  • delivering the full scope of reporting for Apple and Google inside the Verestro Token Management Platform
  • possibility to organize card registration to Apple or Google with own, proprietary CVC / CVV verification method (no need for integration)
  • cheap and quick - below 20k eur one-time, below 4k eur per month, 2-4 months only

Please contact us for more information.