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API Application Programming Interface
CDCVM Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method
CVM Cardholder Verification Method
FCM Firebase Cloud Messaging
HCE Host Card Emulation
HVT High Value Transaction
IBAN Bank Account Number
JWE Json Web Encryption
JWT Json Web Token
LVT Low Value Transaction
MCBP MasterCard Cloud Base Payment
MDES MasterCard Digital Enablement Service
MPA Mobile Payment Application
NFC Near Field Communication
PAN Primary Account Number
PbA Pay by Account
PIN Personal Identification Number
POS Point of Sale
RNS Remote Notification Service
SaaS Software as a Service
SDK Software Development Kit
SUK Single Use Key
TAV Tokenization Authentication Value
TVC Token Verification Code
VCP/UCP Verestro Cloud Payments/(Formerly uPaid Cloud Payments)
VPN Virtual Private Network

Universal Cardholder Authentication Field