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Quick Integration Guide


In this section you will find a guide on how to successfully integrate Token Management Platform (TMP) into your services to support card tokenization and additional features.


Integration Steps

To fully integrate with Token Management Platform (TMP), the issuer will have to do the following integrations:

1. Lifecycle API integration (mandatory).

2. TMP API integration (optional).

3. Issuer API integration (optional).

Each integration and its purpose is described below:

Lifecycle API


Lifecycle API is the main way of populating DataCore database with the issuer cards. TMP will use DataCore database as a card source. The main idea, is that the issuer should keep cards in DataCore updated with the actual state. During the tokenization, TMP will check if card number is present, card is not blocked and expiry date matches. All changes to the card state will be also reflected to available tokens.

Please refer to Lifecycle API documentation.

Features available if Lifecycle API is integrated:

  • MDES/VTS tokenization.
  • MDES/VTS Automated Token Lifecycle Management.



TMP API is exposed by Verestro Token Management Platform. This set of APIs is optional and is used by the Issuer to simplify Push Provisioning process.

Available API methods:

  • Sign Card
  • Get tokens

Features available if TMP API is integrated:

  • VTS/MDES Apple and Google Push Provisioning.

Issuer API


Issuer API is a set of APIs exposed by the Issuer. Verestro Token Management Platform will call this API to send Token updates, User notifications or to verify the CVC (required for Apple Pay).

Features available if Issuer API is integrated:

  • Receiving of Token Updates, when the token is changed.
  • Receiving of User Notification, when a SMS notification needs to be sent to the user.
  • CVC Verification.