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Verestro Fintech-as-a-Service platform enables launching various innovative digital, fintech functionalities through integration with one service platform. You can use our APIs, SDKs or white label applications to launch new payment products and solutions for individual or business customers. We cooperate with:

  • Banks willing to launch Apple Pay, Google Pay, Issuer Wallets, sophisticated card issuing, expense management or loyalty platforms.
  • Fintech start-ups and fintech unicorns willing to go live with innovative digital card products or willing to quickły launch new products for their customers.
  • Merchants and eCommerce marketplaces interested in launching new fintech solutions for their users or just accept cards in internet in effective way. We provide multi acquiring card on file solutions as well for them.
  • Cities and transport operators interested in smart city and ticketing platforms.
  • Payment schemes, PSPs etc.

Our platforms consists of multiple components responsible for various functions like user registration, administration, tokenization, money transfer and many others. Each component is built of several micro-services - small or bigger backend and frontend applications that provide particular sub-functionality. Our frontend components are usually built in native Android or iOS or web view widgets. They are always customizable.

You can integrate with Verestro platform through:

  • APIs that enable you to integrate server-2-server,
  • native SDKs and web widgets that enable you to quickly install new functionalities in your mobile application,
  • white label application that can be easily customized and can contain your functionalities, specific for your business.

Learn more about our products and key components. Ask questions if you need any support from us. 
We are lookng forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Krzysztof Drzyzga
CEO and co-founder