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How we can support you

Here you can find key questions and answers.  

Card issuing:

You have issues with establishing your own payment infrastructure and issuing payment cards?

✔️With Verestro’s card issuing solution you will start issuing cards in 4-6 weeks without complicated procedures.

Too much time to develop and implement a card program with payment providers or BIN sponsors?

✔️ Quickly set up a card program that already includes card issuing, card design, card activation & card management.

Need help with a complex API integration to card processing platforms?

✔️ Verestro's flexible infrastructure seamlessly integrates and manages digital card issuing solutions through our partner network.

Have a problem with a time-consuming process involved in issuing and obtaining payment cards?

✔️ Verestro Card Issuing solution enables customers to issue cards in just 15 seconds.

Have concerns regarding the risk of security fraud?

✔️ Our solution includes advanced security features like tokenization and KYC process to identify and verify customer.

As a Crypto company, want to capture the money volume for cashing in and cashing out of the crypto wallets?

✔️ Issuing its own cards enables Crypto companies to capture the volume of money while cashing in of fiat to crypto and cashing out from crypto to fiat.

Have a problem as a loan company due to the reliance on traditional check disbursement or cash payments?

✔️ With Verestro Card Issuing solution, loan companies can issue virtual cards to borrowers, allowing them to conveniently access their loan funds.


Have a problem with a low security level?

✔️ Secure your card’s sensitive data with Verestro Tokenization Solutions.

Need to storage and manage tokens?

✔️ With Verestro Token Management Platform you can manage tokens with various requestors (Apple Pay, Google Pay and other x-Pays) with a minimum development.

Don’t want to spend too much time to be compliant with industry regulations?

✔️ Verestro is PCI DSS compliant and obligated to maintain high security standards.

Have issues with enabling a card tokenization solution?

✔️ Verestro Token Management Platform allows for a quick and easy integration to Mastercard and Visa tokenization platforms.

Struggle with frauds during online transactions?

✔️ Verestro Tokenization Solution can help limit e-commerce fraud by tokenizing customer payment data during online transactions.

Don’t have a web portal to manage tokens, users and generate required transaction reports? 

✔️ Verestro Token Management Platform provides a solution to be implemented into your mobile application, as well as a web portal to generate required reports by Token Requestors.

Don’t have a solution allowing you to display a dedicated card visual during contactless transactions? 

✔️ Use Verestro’s Token Management Platform to upload a dedicated card visual without any extra work.

Business Control:

Need to disburse funds to employees for multiple business purposes?

✔️ Choose Verestro Business Control Solution for expense management and instant card issuing.

Have a problem with controlling employee expenses, which leads to overspending?

✔️ Implement Verestro Business Control Solution, set up spend rules and limits for streamlined payments in real time.

The refund process of business expenses in your company is complicated and time-consuming?

✔️ Your employee can use a digital business card to make payments and automatically provide the financial team with an uploaded confirmation of transaction.

Dealing with a lot of paperwork to account for employee’s expenses?

✔️ Verestro Business Control Solution increases environmental sustainability by enabling employees to send invoices in a digital form instead of paper.

Have a problem with spend visibility in your organization?

✔️ Managing groups in companies (departments or teams) enables employers to have a comprehensive view of expenses and to identify areas of concern or potential cost savings.

White label:

Too much time with developing a new app or platform from scratch?

✔️ Verestro White Label Application is a ready-to-use solution for your business needs.

Need to develop your own white label app, but it comes with a ton of associated risk and security frauds?

✔️ Verestro White Label Solution has already been tried and tested.

Building a new product/service is too expensive due to expenses for research, development, testing, and maintenance?

✔️ Verestro offers a simple and transparent White Label Solution with components of your choice.

Need to implement an application for innovative solutions while maintaining your brand?

✔️ Verestro White Label Solution is delivered as an app, personalized according to the customer’s branding.

Money Transfers:

Standard transfers usually take 1-5 days

✔️ Verestro Money Transfer completed in 30 sec .

Have a problem with high fees and complex processes for cross-border money transfers?

✔️ Verestro Money Transfer solution offers a simple and affordable way to send money internationally.

Struggle with inconvenient exchange rates or hidden fees?

✔️ Verestro Money Transfer solution offers competitive exchange rates and transparent fees, enabling efficient and cost-effective currency conversion.

Have a problem with a complicated and time-consuming process to implement money transfers with different acquirers separately?

✔️ Verestro Money Transfer solution is integrated with various acquirers, banks and money transfer operators.

Need efficient payment solutions for various purposes, such as vendor payments, employee payrolls, or international transactions?

✔️ Verestro Money Transfer solution helps businesses make payments, connect with accounting systems, automate workflows, and ensure secure and timely fund transfers.

Carbon Calculator:

Want to raise awareness of carbon emissions?

✔️ Mastercard Carbon Calculator is a powerful tool that allows users to calculate the carbon footprint of their financial transactions.

Excessive CO2 emissions contribute to global warming 

✔️ The Carbon Calculator tool encourages to make more sustainable choices by calculating the carbon footprint of financial transactions.

Calculating carbon footprints seems to be too complex or inaccessible?

✔️ Verestro implements the Mastercard Carbon Calculator to be user-friendly and accessible, with a simple interface and easy-to-understand results.

Want to demonstrate your business sustainability efforts and attract eco-conscious customers?

✔️ The Carbon Calculator helps businesses display their sustainability efforts and attract eco-conscious customers, improving their brand reputation.

Facing a complicated process of integrating a new feature into your platform?

✔️ Verestro Carbon Calculator API doesn’t require any card enrollment, the partner can quickly and easily integrate the API into their existing workflows.