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As mentioned in the Overview chapter, the IBAN Management solution requires prior integration with the Antaca service and other necessary steps that must be performed. This chapter is intended to present you the requirements that will allow you to use the IBAN Management solution in your application. We have presented here what information is necessary to provide so that you can join the IBAN Management program and so that we can properly create the required Customer account for you in our system.

Tip: Please remember to inform us on which environment you want us to configure an account for you. IMS offers two environments: Test and Production.

Business onboarding

To start using IBAN Management Service you need to go through a few on-boarding steps:

1. Please contact our sales - 

2. Sign an agreement with the IBAN Issuing Institution - Quicko. We will actively you to go through this step.

2. Please respond to some introduction question that will let us prepare proposal for you.

3. You will receive offer for payments.

4. If you accept the offer you will be asked to provide some company documents required for the AML verification process.

5. After succesful AML process you will receive contract with our partnering acquiring institution.

6. You will be asked to provide account numbers for settlements and the data necessary to configure IBAN Management instance for you (see below)

7. And finally you will enable IBAN Management API on your website or mobile app to enable payments.

Technical onboarding

Below are listed technical requirements allowing you to use IBAN Management Service:

Make sure you have an created account in Antaca Service. This requirement is needed so that the Customer has his own dedicated space to generate and store his users' balances in the Verestro system.

After creating an account ine the Antaca Service, the Customer will receive the externalId parameter, which is mandatory to use the IBAN Management solution.

Note: Basicly the externalId parameter is an Issuer's wallet name in Antaca. The value of the externalId parameter is usually the name of the Customer's company in lowercase.

Make sure you have created technical balance in Antaca Service. This is the balance to which failed and/or lost transfers will be credited. For example, an incoming transfer to an IBAN, which does not exist in the Verestro system.

Provide us the IBAN prefix. This step is directly related to signing an agreement with the IBAN Issuing Institution, which issues such a IBAN prefix to you. On its basis, IBANs of each user of the integrated Customer are generated.

Note: Each base IBAN is created for a specific currency. For example, if the Customer wants IBANs to be generated in EUR and PLN, he must provide two base IBANs - one in EUR and the other one in PLN currency.

Tip: Example IBAN prefix number: PLxx24601018700219xxxxxxxxxx

Provide us the common name of the x509 certificate. Required to authorize the Customer in IBAN Management Service.

Tip: This step is only required for server to server integration. Mobile-server integrating Customers can ignore this point.

Integrate with Mobile DC secure. The Mobile DC service allows you to generate a session token needed to authorize the Customer and get the context of the appropriate user.

Tip: This step is only required for mobile to server integration. Server-server integrating Customers can ignore this point.

Provide us the public key or list of public keys of the Admin Panel/Corporate Panel created for the Customer. This parameter is required to authorize every Admin Panel instance in IBAN Management Service.

Tip: This step is only required if Customer has dedicated Admin Panel and/or Corporate Panel.