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Physical Cards Design

Required Design Specifications for Graphic Designers and Customers Required 

You should prepare two files:

  • Preview (png).
  • For printing (pdf, ai).

For printing:

  1. Sizes required : 242 px x 153 px
  2. Bleeds: 5 mm
  3. Placed logos should be sent as vector graphic (paths, curves).
  4. Colour images should have at least 300 dpi print resolution.
  5. Indicate the fonts used and save them on the data carrier or convert any text to curves.
  6. On the printing card we put only:
    • Your logo (vector).
    • Authorized signature.
    • All texts.
    • Custom service.


For a more detailed description of how to prepare the card and its appearance options, see the Mastercard Design Specifications for Graphic Designers and Customers.

Download the Mastercard logo in SVG format for your project: