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Business Control is a sophisticated multifunctional platform that connects card issuing, expense management, Token Management and other functionalities. The platform can be used by banks or fintechs to bring additional value to their business customers:

  • Companies can easily issue cards for their employees.
  • Manager can setup limits of cards for his employee.
  • Employee can use business card for payments in eCommerce and face-to-face environment through Apple Pay, Google Pay or other NFC solutions.
  • Company administration or finance can get invoices in scanned form and not in paper.
  • Company finance team can receive various reports on employee expenses.
  • Company accounting team can receive direct reports to accounting system.

The platform consists of two interfaces:

  • Web portal - available for Partner and to his business customers; enables creation of cards, group management and other use cases. Check here for more information.
  • Mobile application - available for employee; enables registration, card management, invoice scanning and other use cases. Check here for more information.
  • iOS and Android SDKs. In case you would like to integrate Business Control use cases in your app you can use our mobile SDKs for easy integration.

Please read other sections for detailed product understanding.