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The main purpose of Verestro Lifecycle API & SDK web service is to add and manage user and payment cards in a safe way. All data are transfered to Verestro Data Core system which is placed in PCI compliant zone and is fully secure. By registering in the database, the partner can use various services provided by the Verestro i.e. Card Issuing, Card tokenization, Money Transfers and more.

The API allows to mass import of data files to Verestro systems, such as: user, user with a card, or cards. Using the HTTPS REST protocol, Partner can add a new resource (user or cards), update their status, e.g. lock, unlock or completely remove a resource from system.

Once connected to the partner's application, the SDK enables full user management and securing the connection to all Verestro products. Our SDK was develop for iOS and Android  platforms.

The Mobile DC SDK is a core module dedicated to the management of users, devices, and cards in the Verestro system. Usage of other Verestro modules (f.e. UCP - Verestro Claud Payment) always depends on this SDK and Mobile DC must be always used.

Main responsibilities Lifecycle API:

  • user - end user management in system,
  • cards - card management in system,
  • addresses - module related to user resource.

Main responsibilities Lifecycle SDK:

  • user - end user registration, password and pin management,
  • cards - card management,
  • addresses - addresses management,
  • device - device and session token management.