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Token Requestor service is a set of solutions for establishing Issuer Wallet for NFC Payments. 

Issuer Wallet gives flexibility about user, cards and tokens lifecycle. It can be easily integrated within existing Mobile Banking or Payment Application. It is a full ecosystem which contains:

  • SDK for Android platform - library responsible for payment procedures, token lifecycle; highly configurable; certified by EVMCo. 
  • Server component - system integrated with Mastercard's MDES and Visa's VTS and various Verestro services.

Issuer wallet functionalities examples:

  • Payment Card digitization in cooperation with MDES, VTS and Token Management Platform.
  • Processing payments in one-tap and two-tap scenarios.
  • Payment Tokens automated lifecycle.
  • Payment history without expiration date.
  • Other Verestro services synchronization.
  • EMVCo certified product.