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Verestro Paytool is a solution that provides a payment gateway functionalities that supports various methods of payments.  By using our solution your users can easily pay for their purchases selecting the Verestro Paytool as the payment option. This technology is delivered in the form of payment widget or API method which is opening payment session in Verestro server. After opening a payment session, the transaction can be carried out in two ways - either via widget or via API.

Tip: Check it now. Verestro Paytool demo application is available here.

How to connect with us?

The Paytool solution provides two independent integration paths.

Web integration

The first way is that after opening a payment session, your browser should redirect the payer to the Paytool application or open it in iframe. Verestro will be fully responsible for the execution of transactions and handling 3D Secure authentication. In the application the payer can see the transaction metadata and chooses payment method he wish to pay. All required payment data is transferred to the Verestro Paytool backend over the Verestro internal network.

API integration

The second way is that after opening a payment session, you can carry out the payment process using the API methods provided by us. Your server should then integrate with our API, which allows you to make payments and carry out the 3D Secure process. Verestro does not provide any frontend application in this way of integration.

Tip: More information about Paytool API can be found in API integration guide.

Note: It is required that you have an account in Acquirer's system which will settle your transactions. For more informations please contact our Sale Department. We are suggesting to use Fenige as this is our partner acquiring institution and we are fully integrated with this Acquirer