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Use cases

Example of use cases

  • End user sends money from Cryptowallet to Mastercard or VISA card.
  • End user can send money from micro-loan to card.
  • End user can initiate money transfer from wallet account to Mastercard and/or VISA card.

This are only view examples of use cases, payouts solution can be used by the partner in any way.

Payouts use cases

  1. User downloads partner’s application or open website
  2. User logs in using biometrical or pin authentication.
  3. User goes to money transfer section and chooses transfer from bank account to card.
  4. User enters amount, currency, receiver’s name and surname, and card number (16 digits).
  5. User confirms data and send money.
  6. User gets notification that money transfer was performed and can check details of transfer in payment history.