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Web-based whitelabel

Verestro Web Whitelabel is an innovative online application that revolutionizes the way businesses handle their financial transactions. With Verestro Web Whitelabel, businesses can receive their corporate business cards automatically, eliminating the need for manual card issuance. The application also enables users to redeem their business cards manually, making it easy to manage corporate finances.

Verestro Web Whitelabel login page is a gateway to a comprehensive platform that offers card issuance and online card management processes. At the login page, users can enter their email and password to access the customer portal, which is designed to streamline and simplify the user's experience. The login page includes a password input field with a "show password" button, ensuring easy access even for those who may make a mistake during providiing their password. The language selector on the login page allows users to choose their preferred language, providing a personalized experience. The Verestro Web Whitelabel platform is designed to be easy to use and accessible, making it the perfect choice for businesses looking to streamline their operations.


Of course, the web application also has a mechanism for resetting a forgotten password. This process can be accessed from the login screen by pressing the appropriate button. In order to use this functionality, it is required to enter the email address for which the account was created.
A unique code is sent to the email address, which must be entered on the next screen along with the new password, which should be entered twice. This eliminates cases where the user makes a mistake when setting a new password.


One of the key features of Verestro Web Whitelabel is its ability to store multiple business cards from different corporations, offering users a centralized platform to manage their finances. The application also allows users to check their transaction history for each card, giving them a clear overview of their financial activity.

Verestro Web Whitelabel also prioritizes security, with users able to change their PIN for ATM access to each card. Additionally, users can show detailed card information like PAN, CVV/CVC, and expiry date using their personal PIN, ensuring maximum security while still providing convenient access to important financial information.

The application also allows users to check their limits for each card, ensuring they stay within their budget. Finally, users can change their personal PIN, providing them with complete control over their finances.

Overall, Verestro Web Whitelabel is a user-friendly and accessible platform for businesses looking to streamline their financial operations. With its range of features and commitment to security, Verestro Web Whitelabel is an excellent choice for businesses looking to take control of their finances in an efficient and effective way.