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Show and scan QR. Register as merchant and user. Enable card acceptance immediately.

The QR Payments solution was created to enable both merchants and individuals to generate and scan QR codes to perform transactions. Verestro supports the global QR standard and has its own QR standard which is an extension of the global standard. This functionality allows the user to generate his own QR code. Having generated QR code, users can order the execution of a transaction by sharing the code to the potential payer. Functionality also allows users to make a transfer by scanning the QR code shared by the potential recipient of the transfer. The scanned QR must support the global QR standard or the Verestro standard.

QR code payments can be used by issuers, fintech providers, merchants, individual consumers for various use cases starting from Person-2-Person transactions, through SME merchant payments to sophisticated use cases for digital, TV or advertisement payments.

How to connect with us?

QR Payments is a solution developed on Android and iOS. Integration of the solution is available through the mobile QR SDK offered by Verestro. Integration through Verestro SDK, requires an account at Verestro Artifactory. To create such account, please contact the Customer Service.

Mobile SDK

Verestro provides Software Development Kit (SDK) which can be used for QR generating, QR scanning, encoding data into the QR code and decode data from the QR code. Verestro team actively supports Customer with integration. More information about each module in Mobile SDK can be found in iOS QR SDK Documentation for iOS implementation and Android QR SDK Documentation for Android implementation.