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Verestro Money Transfer Hub supports card to card, card to account and other types of transfers. The hub is integrated with various acquirers, banks and money transfer operators. It can initiate Moneysend, Mastercard Send and VISA Direct transactions. Customer can recommend the Acquirer through whom he wants to process transactions. Note that if the Customer requires the settlement of the transaction by a new Acquirer, Verestro must create a new integration, which increases the required development. The specification of the new Acquirer should be provided by the Customer.

How to connect with us?

Verestro provides access to the solution in various ways, depending on the Customer requirements. This means that the Customer can access the Money Transfer Hub solution in three ways: ready-made application, mobile SDK, REST API.

White Label Application

This is a fully ready to use solution developed in Android and iOS and prepared UX. To see the appearance and the processes of the application from the point of view of the end user, please check this link.

Mobile SDK

Verestro provides Software Development Kit (SDK) which can be used for mobile money transfer. As a company Verestro provides many products which can be used in single application. For that reason Wallet SDK is divided into separated modules
which covers different functionalities. Verestro team actively supports Customer with integration. More information about each module in Mobile SDK can be found in iOS Transfers Documentation, iOS Receivers Documentation for iOS implementation and Android Transfer Documentation, Android Receivers Documentation for Android implementation. If the Customer wants to integrate through Verestro SDK, it is required to create a customer account at Verestro Artifactory. To create such account, please contact the Customer Service.


Verestro provides Money Transfer API which is implemented according to the REST model. This API offers methods that allow not only to transfer money, but also to calculate commissions, collect available currencies for a given balance or authenticate the user and his card. Verestro team actively supports Customer with integration. More informations about Money Transfer API can be found here.