White Label Application

Customizable mobile application enabling multiple fintech use-cases.


Verestro White Label is an advanced multi-functional mobile platform that allows for the comprehensive use of the functionalities provided by Verestro. The platform can be used by banks or fintechs to bring additional value to their customers:

White Label Solution is available by default as a mobile app for Google Android and Apple iOS and works with a wide range of devices (including the latest versions of the system). Such an app can be immediately added to the market by the client upon receipt from Verestro.

The time to create an application that is a copy of the White Label Solution in the client's branding without any key changes is usually 2 weeks. This time may change depending on the amount of customization or creation of new elements to be included in the application. The usual duration of a project in such a case is 3 months. 

Another option is to provide ready-made SDKs with technical documentation, which will allow to create your own and 100% custom user interface providing functionality using our SDKs in your current bank or fintech application. 

The solution is delivered as an app personalized according to the client's branding:

Click on the screens below to experience our application on an interactive prototype.


Verestro can also implement more sophisticated customisations. Please contact us for more details.

Please read other sections for detailed product understanding.

    Intro slides

    A short presentation on White Label Application called internally Puran.

    Whitelabel - explanation

    Verestro Whitelabel Application is intended to be a product that provides comprehensive functionality for the mobile enduser. The available range of functionality is wide and can be freely modified according to the project requirements (for example, a given customer does not want to use Issuer Wallet by NFC but wants to use Google Pay Service). This is made possible by its modular design.