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Merchant Paytool is a functionality that allows Merchant to perform one-time payment transactions. This technology provides a web payment gateway which should be included into Merchant's website. By using this gateway, Merchant's users can easily pay for their purchases. After selecting the Merchant Paytool as the payment option, the user is redirected to the payment form hosted by Verestro. In the form, the user fills in all the necessary fields and confirms the payment. Merchant Paytool SDK provides all data to Merchant Paytool Backend, which then communicates with the Acquirer. It is required that the Merchant has an account in Acquirer's system which settle hisĀ  transactions.

How to connect with us?

Verestro provides access to the solution in two ways, depending on the Merchant requirements. Merchant can access the Merchant Paytool solution via Web SDK or REST API.


Verestro provides Software Development Kit (SDK) which can be used for one time payments. This is JavaScript library which should be plugged in Merchant application. Verestro team actively supports Merchant with integration. More information about Web SDK can be found here.


Verestro provides Merchant Paytool API which is implemented according to the REST model. This API offers methods that allow to process transactions, get transaction details or authenticate the cardholder using 3D Secure protocol. Verestro team actively supports Merchant with integration. More informations about Merchant Paytool API can be found here.