Transaction History API

Verestro Transaction History Core API for external clients.


The document describes a set of technical requirements for the Verestro Transaction History Core API for external clients. 

THC (Transaction History Core) is a service of Verestro dedicated to store, manage and deliver information about performed financial and loyalty transactions.

How to connect with us?

Verestro provides Transaction History API which is implemented according to the REST model. This API offers methods that allow managing information about transactions. Verestro team actively supports Customers with integration.

To connect with the THC Verestro team need a new customer to deliver:

  1. URL endpoint (for outbound method).
  2. Choose authorization method:
    • Mutual TLS (preferred by Verestro).
    • Basic Auth (deliver - user name, password).


Service is designed to work in cooperation with other services from Verestro product line. Each integrated client can put, get or modify transactions in THC saved for determined project. 

Access levels:

Unique transactions

Each of transaction has its unique identifier (set by client), type and status. Payment systems, for REFUND type transaction, has same identifier as PURCHASE type transaction. Because of that unique key is id determined by client and transaction type. 

Transaction amounts

Transaction amounts are stored in database as minor (1.25 is stored as 125).

Transaction amounts of type REFUND and PAYMENT are stored as negative value (with minus).

Transaction status

THC stores transaction information in various states. When transaction is performed, it can get one of states:

For transactions AUTHORIZED succesfully following scenarios are possiblem. It can change status to:


For a detailed list please see the technical documentation. 

Technical Documentation THC External API

Technical Documentation THC External API