Token Requestor

NFC Issuer Wallet with Mobile SDK. Mastercard MCBP 2.1 SDK and Visa VTS SDK. Due to the rename UCP and VCP are used interchangeably.


Token Requestor service is a set of solutions for establishing Issuer Wallet for NFC Payments. 

Issuer Wallet gives flexibility about user, cards and tokens lifecycle. It can be easily integrated within existing Mobile Banking or Payment Application. It is a full ecosystem which contains:

Issuer wallet functionalities examples:

Intro slides

Card Tokenization

MDES and VTS integration as token requestor. Issuer wallet or SDK integrated into mobile banking application. Available on all Android phones and all countries (including Huawei). Enables mobile contactless transactions using NFC interface.

• API: MDES and VTS.

• Readiness: Live.

• SDK available: Yes.

• White label solution available: Yes.

• Certification: Yes, full security and functional certification.

• Implementation time: 3 months from contracting


Implementation Steps