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Technical documentation


Here is a list of all methods offered as part of integration with Verestro Loyalty. It includes endpoints for user registration along with their cards and methods related to the user's account: management of consents, points adjustment, information about the user's selected reward, balance of points.


Each method (except initialize_sdk) requires an x509 certificate. This certificate is generated by us, after delivery of the CSR file by Issuer.

Short description of certificate generating:

 First, the Partner needs generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

The example command to generate the CSR:
openssl req -new -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout client.key -out client.csr -nodes -subj 
'/CN=partnername cert/'

Once the CSR is generated, it should be passed to Verestro. Verestro will sign the CSR and
provide x509 certificates based on it:
- certificate CERT.CRT – used for backend-backend communication
- certificate CA.CRT – (recommended) used for backend-backend communication