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Overview PL


RPM is a paltform thet offers acces to loyalty services using various components.

The RPM consists of:

  • RPM core,
  • RPM Admin.

Main functionalities

Login/Enrollment process

There are three registration scenarios available for Priceless Specials:

  • Via batch file,
  • Via Issuer using RPM Company API – described in separate page “Priceless Specials Webview”,
  • Via website.

Website registration path:

First, the Cardholder will be asked to go to the login page to enter PAN + DOB (verification option). Then the Verestro use the MRS API to determine the status of the card (getCustomerAccounts WS and getCustomerDetails WS).

If the card exists in the MRS API and has a status: (“Good-standing/Redeem Only”) then Verestro add it card to database and stores the AREF of card. Enrollment is not needed.

Cardholder additionally introduces data such as:

  • E-mail Address,
  • Password.

If the card does not exists in the MRS API then Verestro need to enroll the card using enroll WS. If the bank has 3DS enabled then the cardholder must pass the verification correctly. Then cardholder additionally introduces data such as:

  • First Name,
  • Last Name,
  • Zip Code,
  • Phone number,
  • E-mail address,
  • Password,
  • Birth Date,
  • Consent – Terms&Condition,
  • Consent – Disclosure of Personal Data,
  • Consent – Mastercard Processing Personal Data,
  • Consent – General Mastercard marketing information Email,
  • Consent – General Mastercard marketing information Phone.

MRS Data Mapping Elements:


  • Bank Customer Number -> mapped to bank_customer_number (equal PAN+000 OR clientId),
  • ICA -> mapped to member_ica,
  • First Name -> mapped to primary_account_holder_first_name – enroll WS,
  • Last Name -> mapped to primary_account_holder_last_name – enroll WS,
  • Birth Date -> mapped to birth_date (YYYY/MM/DD) – enroll WS,
  • Zip Code -> mapped to postal_code – enroll WS,
  • Email - > mapped to email_address – enroll WS,
  • Mobile -> mapped to mobile_phone_number – enroll WS,
  • City -> mapped to city_name – enroll WS (generated by Verestro based on zip-code),
  • Country Code -> mapped to country_code – enroll WS (“POL”).


  • Bank Account Number -> mapped to bank_account_number (equal PAN+000),
  • Bank Product Code -> mapped to bank_product,
  • Account Status -> account_status_code (=001),
  • Program Identifier -> mapped to program_identifier,
  • DDA -> mapped to dda_account_number (generate by Verestro).


  • Terms & Conditions -> mapped to CUST_ACCEPT_PROMO_SWITCH – updateCustomer WS,
  • Disclosure of Personal Data - > mapped to CUST_USER_DEFINED_2 (position 39) – updateCustomer WS,
  • Mastercard Processing Personal Data -> mapped to CUST_USER_DEFINED_2 (position 40)– updateCustomer WS,
  • Personalised Marketing Communications,
    • Email - > mapped CUST_ACCEPT_EMAIL_MESSAGE_SWITCH – updateCustomer WS,
    • SMS - > mapped CUST_ACCEPT_SMS_MESSAGE_SWITCH – updateCustomer WS.

Rewards catalog

In order to retrieve information on Catalog, Verestro uses getRewardCatalog WS and getRewardItems WS which return a full listing of the rewards catalog for a given program of cardholder’s card.

Verestro displays different categories for Cardholder.

The following data will be received from MRS API response:

  1. rewardMatrixItemId – the internal MRS Matrix ID associated with the item,
  2. rewardItemShortDescription - The short description of the item,
  3. rewardItemLongDescription - The long description of the item,
  4. Image URL - The url that links to the item image,
  5. rewardMatrixItemPointValue – The point value of the reward item,
  6. shippingAddressSw – indicates whether or not a Shipping Address is required (e.g. physical or instant),
  7. redeemableItemSw – indicates if the Reward Item can be redeemed,
  8. physicalAddressRequiredSw – indicates whether or not the Reward Item will be shipped to a physical address,
  9. SingleQuantityRedemptionSw – indicates whether or not the Reward Item can only be redeemed with a quantity of one,
  10. emailAddressRequiredSw – indicates if an Email Address is required for the Reward Item when redeemed,
  11. orderInformation - the Shipping Message associated to the Reward Matrix Item’s Reward Category in the requested language,
  12. personalizationInformationSw,
  13. personalizationInformationLength,
  14. personalizationLabel.

The cardholder can choose to mark a specific reward as “selected”. Such a reward is displayed on the main page.

Points balance

To display the point balance information for registered cards, Verestro send separate (per each card) API request to MRS system via getPointDetails WS.

The cardholder receives points for making any transaction with the card. For making a transaction with a partner, relatively more.

Opt-out process

There are following possible options to opt-out from Priceless Specials Program:

  • via website,
  • via Call Center,
  • via RPM Company API.

Once Cardholder has requested to opt-out from the PS program, Verestro or Call Center needs to change the T&C for cardholder. During 30 day “grace period” cardholders continue to login to website, redeem points etc. – and can opt back in. Once 30 days have passed record is moved so cardholder no longer has access to account and website.

  • Complete opt-out from program -> unticks the T&C:
    • Verestro triggers updateCustomer WS -> -> CUST_ACCEPT_PROMO_SWITCH to “N” (T&C),
    • Verestro triggers updateCustomerAccount WS -> accrue_points_sw to “N”.
  • Cardholder will have a chance to change the communication preferences:
    • Email Switch (updateCustomer WS -> CUST_ACCEPT_EMAIL_MESSAGE_SWITCH to N),
    • SMS - > (updateCustomer WS -> CUST_ACCEPT_SMS_MESSAGE_SWITCH to N).


Static benefits

Static benefits are a type of offers added and fully managed in CMS. Benefits are always active and their main goal is to display descriptions.

Travel tool

Travel Tool will be supported by existing Travel Tool vendor (Inspire). Online Travel to enable possibility to use the points on various travel selections (Hotel, Car Rental, Flight) and will be available for all new programs. 


RPM is using Personalized Card Links Offers (PCLO) to provide possibility for cardholders to accrue additional points per specific merchant offers.