Verestro IBAN Management Service is created for Customers who want to provide their end users the possibility to receive money on IBAN (bank account number). This solution allows Customer's users to reload their balances via a bank transfer. As part of the integration, it is also possible to create an Admin Panel for the Customer. Admin Panel allows Customer to track the history of transfers made using the IBAN Management solution.

The solution is available to Customers integrated with Antaca. For more information about Antaca service please open this link

How to connect with us?

Verestro provides access to the solution in two ways, depending on the Customer requirements. The Customer can access the IBAN Management solution through Mobile SDK or REST API implementation models.


The REST API integration model involves connecting directly via a server to server path. In this case we do not provide any application view - each process is performed on the server according with the REST protocol. In this integration model, authorization is performed using  x509 certificate authentication. More detailed information about IBAN Management REST API integration path are available in Technical documentation chapterVerestro actively supports the Customer in the integration process.

Mobile SDK

The Mobile SDK integration model is the mobile SDK provided by Verestro. The SDK should be plugged into your mobile application, thus allowing your users to operate on their bank accounts from this level. In this integration model, user authorization is performed using a bearer token from a separate MobileDC service. More detailed information about the integration with IBAN ManagementVerestro actively supports the Customer in the integration process.

Important! Implementation is work in progress...

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