The Verestro Carbon Calculator API is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to determine the carbon footprint of their transactions. The API is designed to comply with REST standards and requires only two pieces of information: the transaction amount in a specified currency and the MCC (Merchant Category Code). Upon submitting these details, the API generates a response that provides the carbon footprint in both grams and ounces, depending on the partner preference.

The Verestro Carbon Calculator API integrates with Mastercard's API.

Based on transaction data the MC API calculates the carbon footprint of the transaction taking into account the carbon emissions from the production and transportation of goods and services. The result is returned to the user and by providing this information, the Verestro Carbon Calculator API enables users to make more informed decisions about their financial activities and encourages them to make more sustainable choices.


The Verestro Carbon Calculator API offers a range of benefits for businesses and individuals who are interested in tracking their carbon emissions. It provides a simple and efficient way to assess the environmental impact of financial transactions, helping users to make more informed decisions about their purchasing habits.

One of the advantages of the Verestro Carbon Calculator API is that card enrollment is not required, making it easy for users to connect and use the API for new projects. This means that partners can quickly and easily integrate the API into their existing workflows without the need for any additional setup or configuration. This feature also makes the API more accessible to a wider range of users, including smaller businesses or individuals who may not have the resources to enroll their cards in a more complex system.


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